How to Prep Your House for a Fast Sale

It’s common to feel that your home is the one place you will always feel loved, appreciated, and safe. It’s your castle, and you can enjoy every aspect of your home how you want to. Living inside your home should fill you with gratification. That isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with the idea of changing your home from time to time. You may find another house that better fits your wants and needs, and exploring your options can be a gratifying experience.

Before you move on, however, you’re going to need to get your current home ready to sell. Cleaning and tidying up is a nice start, but you’re going to really embellish and exaggerate your home so it’s putting its best face forward. This could help you sell quicker as well as earn top dollar on your sale.

If your in a hurry to move, getting your house ready for a quick sale can seem like a daunting task. But if you tackle the process in a planned and systematic manner, it should be far easier to complete all the needed tasks.

Start with the Outside

You only get one first impression. That first moment when a potential buyer pulls up to your house is of the utmost importance. That first impression will be the difference between someone actually viewing your home or getting back in their car and speeding away. To get those great first impressions, you need to focus on the exterior of your home.

There are a handful of areas you can focus on to make your exterior extravagant. A fresh coat of paint, if needed, will help liven the entire house while a freshly manicured lawn and landscaping will compliment the aesthetics of the house. Make sure any accent pieces around the house such as shutters and gutters are well maintained and fully functional. One last point of focus is the main entrance. You want your potential buyers to feel welcome when crossing the threshold into your home.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

modern clean kitchenKitchens are often the biggest deal breakers when a potential buyer is looking at a home. Similar to the exterior, you want to make sure the kitchen is in immaculate condition. Everything must be cleaned. After all, this is where your buyer is going to be cooking their meals. They want to feel welcome and clean while standing in your kitchen.

This does include making sure there are no signs of living while viewers are parading around your home. Dishes must be put away. Counters must be cleaned. Crumbs must be swept. Your kitchen should be almost sterile.

Minimize Your Home

Keep in mind when you’re selling your home, your potential buyers don’t want to see what life was like for you while you lived there. They want to envision what life will be like for them and their families. You want to depersonalize your home so your buyers can get the full effect without that creepy picture of Uncle Bill staring at them as they walk around the room.

Minimizing the furniture in the home also gives your potential buyers an opportunity to see what each room can be while not overwhelming them. Smaller furniture makes rooms feel bigger, too.

Inspect the Basics

You may have lived without changing the bulb in that light for years, but your prospective buyers are going to flip switches, open doors and drawers, and check out all of the little details. Walk around your home and check those little details and make sure they are all taken care of. The small things are what’s going to help keep your buyers in your home thinking about making an offer rather than thinking about the next house they are going to look at.